Work for Maybe we read too much into things, part of Singapore Art Week 2021.

Exhibition video.

A Series of Unacceptable Behaviours

As much as the respect for other cultures has been encouraged and said to be practised around the world, the acceptance of other cultures has been a tough one to follow. Negative judgment is often placed on certain behaviours of another civilisation when it becomes beyond one's understanding, usually limited to that of their own.

A Series of Unacceptable Behaviours is a portrayal of this lack of consideration for the difference in conditions and principles - every behaviour is deemed unacceptable based on the criteria set by another.






Exhibition set-up at Dali, China.

One-minute Sympathies
CD Album

Fashionably on a superficial level, the demonstration of sympathy often influences many aspects of our life, endorsed by the powers of impression. Modern sympathy has become a social currency.

There is an abundance of resources online for applications of sympathy, most commonly on social media. Such resources include pools of ready-made sympathy messages, sympathy message generators and tutorials on how to sound more sympathetic. This reflects on the demand for sympathy in our modern society.

One-minute Sympathies caters to the popular demand of sympathy consumption, for both general usage and for occasions. The tracks were made from online tone generators using text inputs from the artist – the act of retrieving sympathetic messages from online resources and applying them onto social media platforms makes an individual's voice no different from an artificially-generated one.



01. Everything Happens for a Reason

02. You Think That's Bad, One Time I...

03. At Least

04. It's Not You

05. A Lousy Song for a Better Tomorrow

06. The Shorts

07. The Longs

08. Bedtime Prep Talk (Sleepover-friendly)

09. Save the Christmas

10. Bonus - Bloopers

Sympathy as a Cosmetic Trend
Installation – Salon chair, Salon Mirror, Fabricated Fashion Magazine

Modern sympathy becoming a trend on social media, usually with agendas to maintain or improve relationships (both personal and work).

Sympathy as a Cosmetic Trend is an installation consisting of a salon set-up for one customer, with a fabricated fashion magazine which serves as a parody – a fictional fashion trend of altering eyebrows to achieve a more sympathetic look.



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